Covid-19 precautionary measures

Status of the concept : July 16, 2021

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September 12, 2021


Oktober 3, 2021


Oktober 17, 2021

General conditions

The precautionary measure concept is based on the following framework:

1. Ordinance on measures in the special situation to combat the Covid 19 epidemic (as of 06/23/2021).

2. BAG: Explanatory notes on the ordinance (as of 06/23/2021)

3. BASPO: FAQ COVID-19 and sport (as of 06/23/2021)

4. framework guidelines for sport (BASPO and Swiss Olympic, 10/01/2020)

  • Guideline for the creation of protection concepts for sporting events
  • Checklist for the creation of protection concepts for sporting events

5. Hygiene and social distancing rules of the BAG.


With the decision of June 23, 2021, the Federal Council has totally revised the COVID-19 regulation special situation in the course of the relaxations due to the favorable epidemiological situation.

Events to which access is restricted to persons with Covid certificate are no longer subject to restrictions, not even for large events.

Expected people on site

Expected are 500 athletes per location/venue. Each location requires one single eventday.

Compliance with hygiene regulations

The hygiene regulations of the BAG must be complied with and implemented as far as possible in order to guarantee their own safety as well as that of all other persons on site. These are:

1. Only enter the venue & competition symptom-free

Persons with symptoms of illness or covid-symptons may NOT participate in the event. They should stay at home or go into isolation and clarify the further procedure with their family doctor.

2. Keep distance

On arrival, when entering the race area, after the race, on the return journey - in all these and similar situations, a distance of 1.5 metres must still be maintained and the traditional shakehands and high-fives must be dispensed with at all times. Only for the athletes is body contact permitted again during the race.

3. Wash hands thoroughly

Hand washing plays a crucial role in hygiene. Those who wash their hands thoroughly with soap before and after competition protect themselves and their environment. Sanitizer dispenser will be placed on site at several spots.

Covid-19 representative

The Covid 19 representative on site is Armin Meier from the series organiser Human Sports Management AG, contact: / 079 947 43 47

Covid certificate / Contact Tracing / Hygienic obligation

Recovered - Vaccinated - Tested: One of these three requirements must be presented at bib number collection using the Covid-19 certificate and official identification. We recommend to get tested shortly before arrival and race day in your own place of residence. Please note the validity of the tests (PCR test 72 hours, antigen test 48 hours).

If the certificate is missing or invalid, participation in the Spartacus Run 2021 is not possible. (see regulations art. 4)

The bib number must be collected personally on site as a result of this control and the race regulations. Important information will be continuously communicated on the website to already registered participants via e-mail (please check spam folder regularly). This includes special measures, which the respective canton decrees due to the epidemiological development.

Testing on site

There will be no on site testing. Each participant is responsible for their own testing.

Disinfectant dispensers

Disinfection dispensers (with sanitizing gel) are available both at the race number distribution and at the entrance control to the bubble.

Mask obligation

In this case we have to follow the protection concept of the respective venue.

Close contact tracing

Due to the Covid-19 certificate, no tracing (contact tracing) is necessary.

Occurrence of symptoms

Every approved person must follow the following steps in case of COVID symptoms:

  1. The approved person shows symptoms
  2. The person must immediately go into self-isolation and report the symptoms to his/her Team/Club Leader or directly to the Covid representative. The Team/Club Leaders must inform the Covid representative.
  3. The Covid representative will order a test. If the test is negative, the person can leave the isolation.
  4. In case of a positive test, the cantonal officer will be informed. The cantonal authorities will decide on further measures.
  5. The person concerned is responsible for the implementation of the measures ordered by the cantonal authorities.

Other generally applicable measures


Helpers must wear protective masks at the obstacle stations.


Spectators are allowed as long as they can show a Covid-19 certificate at the entrance checkpoint

Rickenbach, July 16, 2021

Armin Meier
Covid-19-responsible Spartacus Run

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